Hotkeys Customizations

Most of the actions in The Welkin Suite IDE have hotkeys already assigned to them, and almost all other actions could have hotkeys assigned to them to improve the performance of development.

You can change hotkeys assignments for any action in the Options Menu: Tools ⇒ Options… ⇒ Environment ⇒ Keyboard no matter if they are predefined by default or not.

Hotkeys Customizations

To change or assign a hotkey to a command / action you may look for a required command manually in the list of all the commands, or you can start typing its name in the box above the list, for example, Edit would filter commands in the list to only those containing Edit in their name.

When you find the command you need, you can remove the assigned hotkey by pressing the Remove button, or you can assign a new / change existing hotkey:

  • specify the necessary hotkey in the Press shortcut keys by pressing the keys that you want to bind,
  • if the specified key is used in the IDE it is displayed in the Shortcut currently used by field,
  • select the area of the usage for the new hotkey in the Use new shortcut in drop-down list,
  • after this, click the Assign and OK buttons.

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