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The Welkin Suite unites all the necessary tools for the development in a single IDE. It gives you the ability to work on different types of files at the same time, run tests, explore errors, and customize the structure of a project. This section introduces the main UI components of The Welkin Suite and tells about their general abilities.

In this section:

  • Main components — it describes the main interface elements of the IDE that are essential for your everyday development,
  • Panels — almost all the tools of the IDE are represented as handy panels that can be placed anywhere in the IDE and united in docs,
  • Toolbars — get quick access to the most often used features through the toolbars at the top of the IDE's window,
  • Main Menu — all the main options of The Welkin Suite are available from the Main Menu of the IDE,
  • Built-in Editor — the main instrument in working on a code is an editor. Here you will find all the information about its interface,
  • Solution Explorer — the main tool for getting access and managing the project's files and the structure of a project.

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