Editor Overview

Built-in Editor

Editor components are:

  1. Tabs List — a list of all opened tabs with the current tab highlighted in color. Each tab can be pinned or closed individually or you can close multiple tabs at a time from the context menu of any tab,
  2. Pin and Close Tab Buttons — the buttons that are used to pin documents (they are displayed on the left of the list and are always visible) or close them. You can also close the current document by pressing the Ctrl+F4 hotkey,
  3. Quick Search — the search panel, which is called by pressing the Ctrl+F hotkey,
  4. Show Other Tabs — the button that displays the menu with all other opened tabs, which don’t fit into the Tabs list,
  5. Code map — a tool that helps you to understand the structure of your file in just a moment,
  6. Vertical Scrollbar with Markers — a vertical scrollbar with different informational markers,
  7. Left Margin — a margin on the left side of the code, which displays different informational markers such as bookmarks, changes in the code, tests results, search results, breakpoints, etc.,
  8. Code outline tool — it allows you to hide a part of the code that you do not need right now,
  9. Editor Zoom — it allows you to change the zoom level of the editor content by choosing a value from a drop-down list or entering it manually in the input. Also, you can change the zoom level by pressing Ctrl and scrolling up or down with the mouse wheel,
  10. Editor Content — the document's content.

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