Main components

Once you open or download a project, you see the default IDE layout.

Main components

The main components of the UI are:

  1. Application Menu — a standard menu where the most of actions and options can be found,
  2. Toolbars — a number of customizable toolbars that are configured for maximal ease-of-access to the most frequent and important features,
  3. Editor — the main part of the IDE — the Code Editor,
  4. Opened Tabs — all opened editor's tabs within a solution with the highlighted currently active tab,
  5. Solution Explorer — a visual representation of the project’s structure, which allows navigating between the files,
  6. Quick Launch field — it provides access to any IDE component by being able to type in its name instead of looking for them in the menu,
  7. Unpinned Panel: Properties — an indicator of the currently hidden Properties window,
  8. Status Bar — a place where the IDE status is displayed,
  9. Panel Switcher — an indicator of the docked panels with the ability to switch between them,
  10. Caret Position — information about the current caret position within an opened document in the editor,
  11. Options of the panel's display — the buttons that allow you to choose the way how the panel is displayed.

The Welkin Suite UI is fully customizable and modular, which means that you can fully customize the Application Menu, Toolbars, and display only the panels you need right now and wherever you want.

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