Project menu

The Project menu gives you access to the main features related to the general operations in TWS.

Project menu

Add new items Opens the Add new items wizard. It is available only if the project node is selected in the Solution Explorer. Ctrl+Shift+А
Open in browser Opens the selected item in the org in your default browser.
Import data into an org using the SObject Tree Save API Imports your sample or testing data to an org
Run tests Opens the Run Test window. Ctrl+R, Ctrl+T
Pull from Salesforce Opens the Pull changes from Salesforce window.
New folder Creates a new folder.
Project metadata components Opens the Project metadata components window.
Enable project structure sync Allows enabling / disabling synchronization of the project structure.
Deploy to organization Starts deploying to organization.
Re-authorize with OAuth authentication Allows re-authorizing with OAuth authentication.
Properties Opens the Properties window or the Property page.

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