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The View menu helps you to manage all the panels and windows that you may need during the development process.

View menu

Code Show code of a selected file in the editor.
Open Opens a selected file in the editor.
Open With Allows selecting an editor for a file.
Test Results Opens the Test Results panel.
Solution Explorer Opens the Solution Explorer. Ctrl+Alt+L
Lightning Bundle Explorer Opens the Lightning Bundle Explorer.
Bookmark Window Opens the Bookmark panel. Ctrl+K, Ctrl+W
Code Coverage Opens the Code Coverage panel.
Local History Opens the Local History panel.
Local History Details Opens the Local History Details panel.
Pending Changes Opens the Pending Changes panel.
Command Line Opens the built-in Command Line for work on the SFDX projects.
Scheduled Jobs Opens the Scheduled Jobs panel.
Static Resource Bundles Explorer Opens the Static Resource Bundles Explorer.
Version Control Opens the Version Control panel.
Schema Explorer Opens the Schema Explorer window.
Admin Panel Opens the Admin Panel.
Tracking Changes Opens the Tracking Changes panel.
Copado Tasks Opens the Copado tasks panel.
PMD Report Opens the PMD report.
CodeScan Report Opens the CodeScan report window.
Switch IDE Layout Allows changing a default IDE's layout.
Error List Opens the Error List panel. Ctrl+\, E
Debug Logs Opens the Logs panel.
Output Opens the Output panel. Ctrl+Alt+O
Task List Opens the Task List panel. Ctrl+\, T
Find Results Opens the Find Results panels.
Toolbars Offers different toolbars.
Full Screen Opens The Welkin Suite on the full screen. Shift+Alt+Enter
All Windows Shows all the opened windows. Shift+Alt+M
Organizations Manager Opens the Organizations Manager for work on the SFDX projects.
Navigate Backward Navigates to the previously opened file. Ctrl+-
Navigate Forward Navigates to the next opened file. Ctrl+Shift+-
Properties Window Opens the Properties window. F4
Property Page Opens the Property page. Shift+F4

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