Window menu

In the Window menu you can manage the placement of all the windows in TWS.

Window menu

New Window Opens an active document in a new window.
Split Splits a document's window into two parts.
Float Makes an active tab floating.
Float All Makes all tabs floating.
Dock Transforms an active tab into a dock.
Auto Hide Auto hides a selected tab when it's inactive.
Hide Hides a selected tab.
Pin Tab Pins a selected tab.
Auto Hide All Auto hides all tabs.
New Horizontal Tab Group Creates a new horizontal group of tabs.
New Vertical Tab Group Creates a new vertical group of tabs.
Close All Documents Closes all opened documents.
Reset Window Layout Reverts all placement settings to default ones.
list of active tabs An ability to switch between opened tabs. You can set up how many items do you want to see in this list, using the Options menu.
Windows Opens the Windows manager.

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