The Welkin Suite allows working with Apex, Visualforce, other types of files as well as executing unit tests, SOQL queries, fixing errors, tracking logs and so on. Each of these actions and a type of data in TWS has its own panel. You can make panels that you use the most often always visible and accessible just by pinning them, and you can close unneeded items, or you can even customize their placement.

In this section:

  • Error List Panel — any errors that may occur with all necessary information,
  • Output Panel — all status information about current actions, mostly about the build process,
  • Logs Panel — all the new logs and their descriptions,
  • Bookmarks Panel — the bookmarks and the tools for managing them,
  • Find Result Panel — the search results from a project or solution with the ability to navigate through them.

This also may be useful:

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