Error List Panel

Whenever you receive build errors from Salesforce or The Welkin Suite recognizes syntax errors — all of these errors will be displayed in the Error List panel as well as highlighted in your code.

Error List Panel

Here are 2 ways to open the Error List Panel:

  1. click in the Main Menu: View ⇒ Error List,
  2. press the Ctr+\, E hotkey.

Open the Error List panel from the Main Menu

Information about errors

In the Error List panel you can find all the information required to fix any syntax errors, build errors and / or warnings, which have occurred:

  • number of the current error,
  • Error Description — description received from Salesforce or generated by the IDE explaining what the error is,
  • File — a name of the file in the solution where the error has occurred,
  • Line & Column — position where the error has occurred,
  • Project — a name of a project where the error was spotted.

Warnings log panel

The easiest way to navigate to the error from the Error List is just double-clicking it, and the file with the error will be opened exactly on the error’s position.

Filtering errors

In a case when you have many errors displayed at the same time you can filter them in the following 2 ways:

  • the Search Error List input in the top right corner — text entered in this input will be used as a filter for all text info about the error (Description, File, and Project),

Search error panel

  • the Filter option in the top left corner — you can show the errors only from currently opened documents, from the current document, or from any documents in the current project.

Filter log panel

You are also able to sort the data in all the columns in ascending or descending order — click on the header of the column that you want to sort.

In addition, you can copy any error line from the Error List Panel by right-clicking or by using the hotkey Ctrl+С.

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