Find Results Panel

When you are searching for something in the whole project or the solution, the results are displayed in a special panel called the Find Results panel.

Find Results Panel

This panel is called automatically when you choose Find All in the Quick Search window or the Find and Replace window. You may also open it manually from the Main Menu: View ⇒ Find Results ⇒ Find Results 1 / Find Results 2.

Open the Find Results panel from the Main menu

You can find following information in the panel:

  • search term,
  • scope of search and file extensions filter,
  • list of search results with:
    • full path to the document,
    • part of the line with matching text.

To navigate to the matched lines you can click on items in the panel or use the navigation buttons at the top of the panel:

Go to the location on the current line Go to the location on the current line It navigates to the matched line in your code.
Go to the previous location in the list Go to the next / previous location in the list It navigates through all the search results.
Go to the next location in the list
Clear all Clear all Clears all the search results.
Stop a background Find Stop a background Find Stops a background search.

The 'Stop a background Find' option also can be done by the hotkey Alt+F3, Shift.

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