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The Solution Explorer is one of the most important UI components of The Welkin Suite. It visually represents the structure of your solution and the projects within it, displays all the files and folders, and allows you to quickly access most of the project's actions.

The Welkin Suite operates with two main terms that describe how your code is structured inside the IDE: 'Projects' and 'Solutions'. This helps you manage your code structure and easily navigate in it.

All the information that is required to work with Salesforce orgs is stored in a project file — the file that is automatically created once you download a project and that is updated each time you perform changes in its structure.

NB: Please be aware that the Salesforce credentials are stored in a project file in an encrypted way, so once you share a project with other developers (using any Source Control solutions or just passing folders with files to them), they will be able to connect to this org with the credentials that you’ve entered, but they won’t know the password and the security token. At the same time, the credentials can be changed in the Properties of the Project in the Solution Explorer. Verification of the credentials in an opened org takes place after each end of the session with Salesforce.

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