Solution Explorer UI

The structure of a solution

The Solution Explorer represents the structure of your solution in a clearly evident and convenient way. At the same time, you are able to change the predefined structure as you want.

All your downloaded projects are grouped under one solution. You can expand any item, including projects, folders, and subfolders. If you have many opened files in the editor, when you are moving between them, the active file is always highlighted in the Solution Explorer.

UI of the Solution Explorer

Activating the Solution Explorer

By default, the Solution Explorer is automatically called when you download or open a project. To open it manually, go to the Main Menu: View ⇒ Solution Explorer, or press the Ctrl+Alt+L hotkey.

Open the Solution Explorer from the Main Menu

Searching in the Solution Explorer

Above the solution's structure in the Solution Explorer, you can find the Search field. Click here or press the Ctrl+; hotkey to search for a necessary file. You also are able to extend the search functionality using the additional options.

Search in the Solution Explorer

  • Search within file contents — it includes a content of files in the search results,
  • Search within external items — it includes a content of external items in the search results.

Toolbar of the Solution Explorer

The Solution Explorer also provides additional features, which can help you in work on a project. All of these options are available from the toolbar at the top of the Solution Explorer.

The toolbar of the Solution Explorer

  • navigate Back and Forward (active if any filters were used),
  • navigate Home,
  • open files filter,
  • open pending changes filter,
  • collapse all,
  • turn on / off the preview of selected items

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