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The Compare Files toolbar provides you with all the tools for the comparing versions. They may be helpful when you're exploring the Local History Details or working with a Git repository. You can open this toolbar from the Main Menu: View ⇒ Toolbars ⇒ Compare Files or from the context menu of the toolbar area.

Compare view mode Compare view mode Helps you to select one of the modes for exploring the differences.
Previous difference Previous difference Shows the previous difference between the files.
Next difference Next difference Shows the next difference between the files
Ignore trim whitespaces Ignore trim whitespaces Enables / disables ignoring trim whitespaces.
Auto-synchronize views Auto-synchronize views Turn on / off the synchronizations of viewing the files.

The Compare view mode has such options:

  • Side-by-side,
  • Inline,
  • Left file only,
  • Right file only.

You can select which buttons will be present on the toolbar and which will be hidden. Click on the arrow at the end of the toolbar, select Add and Remove buttons and mark the necessary ones. Also, you have the ability to Customize or Reset the set of commands of this toolbar.

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