Image Editor toolbar

The Image Editor toolbar provides you with all the necessary instruments for editing image files in the static resources folder. You can open this toolbar from the Main Menu: View ⇒ Toolbars ⇒ Image Editor or from the context menu of the toolbar area.

Rectangle selection tool Rectangle selection tool Shift+Alt+Shift
Irregular selection tool Irregular selection tool
Color selection tool Color selection tool
Erase tool Erase tool Ctrl+Shift+I
Fill tool Fill tool Ctrl+F
Magnification tool Magnification tool Ctrl+M
Pencil tool Pencil tool Ctrl+I
Brush tool Brush tool Ctrl+B
Airbrush tool Airbrush tool Ctrl+Alt
Line tool Line tool Ctrl+L
Curve tool Curve tool
Text tool Text tool Ctrl+T
Rectangle tool Rectangle tool Alt+R
Outlined rectangle tool Outlined rectangle tool Shift+Alt+R
Filled rectangle tool Filled rectangle tool Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R
Rounded tool Rounded rectangle tool Alt+W
Outlined rounded rectangle tool Outlined rounded rectangle tool Shift+Alt+W
Filled rounded rectangle tool Filled rounded rectangle tool Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W
Ellipse tool Ellipse tool Alt+P
Outlined ellipse tool Outlined ellipse tool Shift+Alt+P
Filled ellipse tool Filled ellipse tool Ctrl+Shift+Alt+P
Options Options
Set hot spot tool Set hot spot tool
New type image New type image Ins

You can select which buttons will be present on the toolbar and which will be hidden. Click on the arrow at the end of the toolbar, select Add and Remove buttons and mark the necessary ones. Also, you have the ability to Customize or Reset the set of commands of this toolbar.

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