Standard toolbar

The Standard toolbar presents all the basic tools for the simplest work on some code. You can open this toolbar from the Main Menu: View โ‡’ Toolbars โ‡’ Standard or from the context menu of the toolbar area.

Navigate backward Navigate backward Navigates to the previous active file. Ctrl+-
Navigate forward Navigate forward Navigates to the next active file. Ctrl+Shift+-
New project New project Starts the process of a project's creation. Ctrl+Shift+N
Add item Add item Starts the process of adding a new item. Ctrl+Shift+Alt
Open file Open file Opens some necessary file. Ctrl+O
Save selected items Save selected items Saves selected items. Ctrl+Shift
Save all Save all Saves all the opened items. Ctrl+Shift+Shift
Cut Cut Cuts a selected piece of a code. Ctrl+X
Copy Copy Copies a selected piece of a code. Ctrl+ะก
Paste Paste Pastes a selected piece of a code. Ctrl+V
Undo Undo Undoes the last action. Ctrl+Z
Redo Redo Redoes the last canceled action. Ctrl+Y
Find in files Find in files Opens the Find and Replace window. Ctrl+Shift+F
text input Find Allows to search by using a search term. Ctrl+D
Solution Explorer Solution Explorer Opens the Solution Explorer panel. Ctrl+Alt+L
Properties Window Properties Window Opens the Properties window. F4
drop-down list Other Windows Allows to open other additional windows. โ€”

Clicking on the arrow next to the Navigate Backward / Navigate Forward button you get a drop-down list with all the previously / next opened files.

You can select which buttons will be present on the toolbar and which will be hidden. Click on the arrow at the end of the toolbar, select Add and Remove buttons and mark the necessary ones. Also, you have the ability to Customize or Reset the set of commands of this toolbar.

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